My name is Louisse but as a book blogger, I am called “Serene August.”

I am 22 years old and I solely run this blog. I am a book blogger from the Philippines who enjoys my free time between the pages of the book.

My dream is to become a good professional author one day. But as of now, I’m enjoying my time as a reader and a book blogger/reviewer.



Those are the four things that describe me. I am a girl with passionate love for books and poetry. At times, I write short stories, poems and even haiku! And if I’m not reading or writing or book blogging, I am mostly watching random prank videos on youtube.


My favorite Disney princess would have to be, Belle (she’s the silhouette picture above) because like me, she loves books and she believes that there is goodness and hope even in impossible things. And oh, the library in Beast’s house is the real “personal library goals.”

I’ve started to get hooked on reading when I was 15 and I do not know why it took so long for me to create a book blog.

Anyways, I am now here! Tadaaa. For this blog, I promise to give honest reviews about a book. This is also a place where bookworms like me can share insights and opinions about a certain book. To discuss some “FEELS” and “SHIPS,” also for those who are wondering what book to read next, I hope this blog can help you. This blog is also open to promote authors and their books so that we can get to know more about them.

Most books I enjoy reading are books with edge-of-the-seat plots. Fantasy novels always fascinate me but I am not choosy when it comes to genre. I am open to all. I have read historical fictions, paranormal book, thriller, fairy tale retellings, action and adventure and even classics, etc.

But as of now, I’m currently exploring the world of Young adult fiction, New adult fiction and even Middle Grades with specific genres mentioned in my REVIEW POLICY .

It has always been my dream to become a writer that inspires people and move their hearts with my works. I have drafts of different plots in ya fantasy and romance genre. But as of now, I will focus on reading, book blogging and write those drafts bits by bits everyday.

Like they say, to be a good writer, you must be a good reader first. I want to explore many worlds and meet lots of interesting characters.

I hope I can interact with you guys soon! I just started this blog this Jan. 2016. But I’ll be posting my previous book reviews last 2015 originally posted on my goodreads.


PS: I do not get paid for blogging reviews about a book.  THIS S MY PERSONAL BLOG. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me at  sereneaugustreads@gmail.com


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9 thoughts on “ABOUT MĘ

  1. Hi there! I’m Anna and I come from Goodreads… Oh my God, I love your blog with all my heart, it’s beautiful, really beautiful ! I followed your blog already !

    Best wishes ! ♥


    • Hi! Apologies for the late response. I have been busy these past few days. Thank you for appreciating my bookstagram! I’d love to know your account more and to follow you. And as for my header, I’ve just downloaded a font, I’ll try to remember what it is and I will get back to you. I edit it on adobe photoshop 2016 cc. I also saved different png images from google to add as a design. 💞

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